There are many programs that significantly enhance a firm's ability to provide high-quality service. The overall purpose of these programs is to enrich supervisors and managers' skills so that they can be more flexible in handling labour shortages or emergency situations. As a result, the operation process goes more smoothly and effectively, and a higher quality of service is provided to customers. The supervisor is instructed on how to provide feedback to employees of all positions, which makes the in-store training process more efficient. A training program teaches trainees to effectively manage the workforce in a specific area of stores. Some example duties include providing job descriptions, developing training programs, monitoring performances, selecting candidates, and ensuring employee benefits. In general, the responsibility of the sale manager is similar to that of a human resource manager in that they both act on boosting the customer experience.


Training workers on how to handle customers often take an approximate of 15 weeks in most of the companies. During the training, off-the-job assignments like paper and online tests are utilized to deliver job-related knowledge. The reason why off-the-job training is utilized in this Customer experience management in banking program can be explained by the responsibilities of the sales Manager.


This position is a supervisor position that does not require in-store practices like using the espresso machine and facing customers. Instead, Trainees need to understand the current state of labour supply and demand, and how to perform a Markov Analysis, effectively motivate employees, and retain good employees.


Sale managers offer employees who work more than 20 hours per week employee benefits like discounted stock purchase options, adoption assistance, and health insurance. Such a comprehensive benefit program develops employee morality and increases job satisfaction. In 2012, a survey conducted by Forbes with a sample size of about half a million employees in the US concluded that Starbucks is one of the 25 best places to work as they have an extensive program taking care of customer experience management and customers. Watch to gain more details about customer experience.



This further indicates the success of a company comes from encouraging both employees. Customer experience management in telecom has now developed depending on the current development in technology. Clients have been able to understand operation of different companies and would be visiting their sites in any case they want a product from the company. It if from the online platform that many customers tend to get information about many companies aiding them in understanding the change of dynamics in the business world.